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A brand new way of interaction between divers and contractor. The perfect tool for divers, supervisors, advisors and others. Register today and get access to dive tables, run dives, simulate dives, store diving history, statistics and much more.

Tired of writing logbooks?

No more long hours updating logbooks, chasing supervisors, company stamps or copying dive logs. Through our specially developed Diveguard App you ensure that all your dives and logs automatically updates your profile and is instantly available.

What kind of diver are you?

Imagine full overview of your career in just one click. Ever wondered how many dives you did this year? How deep? How much decompression? Cloudiver let s you keep track, and with our ranking build your reputation at the same time.

from 7,9 €/month


Full access from only 7,9 €!

Get full access to all features and spend your time doing what you enjoy. Diving! A premium subscription gives access to a world of possibilities such as jobs, own customized logbook, dive supervisor status and approval of dives, projects and much more.

Tired of looking for work?

Search any available diving jobs or simply wait for an offer.  Why bomb contractors with prospecting e-mails, CVs, repeated calls and hours of looking for jobs and contacts when your profile does it for you? With premium contractors find you when they need you. Our unique ranking system and your diving history makes you visible and lets them know when you are the perfect candidate.

Making history!

Upload and keep track of all your certificates, medics and receive notification when something is about to expire, or why not export all your dives to your own customized personal logbook? Cloudiver premium also features functions to get dives approved, signed and even stamped with company logos.



Full access for only 11,9 € per user!

Automatically fulfill requirements without any efforts. Cloudiver and the specially developed diveguard app lets you keep track of your divers diving history and data, export statistics reports from your projects, assign divers and supervisors to projects, create dive plans and push them to your supervisors in just one click. Diving operations made easy!

Tired of looking for the right diver?

Save costs and administrative efforts. Get instant access to database of available divers. Study their ranking, skills, experience and much more. Connect with the right diver and automatically get access to all his certificates, medics and more or simply export this info in a matrix with the click of a button. No phone calls, no e-mails. Simple and easy!

Diving exposure data – effortless!

Most countries or contractors have requirements for you to store your divers exposure data and dive logs. Cloudiver automatically connects with the diveguard app on any supervisors device and synchronizes this data so you don’t have to think of it. Look at individual divers logs, projects, statistics any time or export it for weekly reports, annual reports and much more.

from 11,9 €/ month


Forget books, tables and stop watches
Run dives, plan dives, calculate bottom time
and much more …



Stay updated on new jobs, see your statistics, rank and recommendations. Contractors can find divers, send messages to crew view statistics and much more.


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